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For the fine art of knowing what your body needs and what it doesn’t, Dr. Alsager can guide you scientifically through the decision-making on which vitamins and supplements you should be taking and which ones are not needed. His decisions are based upon specialized and unique intracellular testing that takes away the guess work. You are what you eat and everybody is different! Some people gain weight, others lose on the same diet. What vitamins do you need? What minerals do you need? And what don’t you need that represents a waste of money. Dr. Alsager, with the help of his specialized Spectracell testing and LPP, can save dollars and lives. Often specialized diets and supplements can take the place of prescription medications saving our patients and our healthcare system millions of dollars.


Why Multivitamins Dont Work

"Hundreds of millions of dollars each year are spent by people consuming a wide variety of vitamins and supplements believing that they are good for their health and preventive health strategies. A recent large study (attached) shows that taking multivitamin supplements daily does not make any difference in the outcomes of major diseases in our population. How could this be? We all know and believe that certain vitamins and nutrients are essential, so what is wrong with this study? The answer, according to Dr. Alsager, is when you examine the labels of multivitamin products it is noted that there are such small amounts of individual vitamins and such a huge array that the amount contained is not enough to provide a benefit. They look good on the label, but when you examine the actual amoount of milligrams or International Units it is just not enough to make a difference to your health. It's sales trickery!"


That is why at Dr. Alsager's practice at Osteopathic Medical Services we add science to the issue of multivitamin supplements. We start out with an individual examination of each patient's lifestyle and micronutrient needs. We do that by ordering a special blood test that measures the precise amount of various vitamins,, essential amino acids, trace minerals, and antioxidants. These levels are not determined from the blood (the fluid in which blood contents float around) but from within the cells. This blood test is unique in that it utilizes specialized microcellular techniques which draw the fluid from the cytoplasm in a single cell, therefore giving us a unique intracellular analysis of the person's cellular micronutrient needs and vitamin levels. This is far more significant to the individual than tests on serum because each individual differs in absorptive ability when oral supplements are taken and must be absorbed from the gut in order to enter the working parts of the body. Below is a list of Dr. Alsager's important micronutrients that he uses to evaluate his patient's intracellular needs.


Cholesterol Analysis and Lipid Management

The management of lipids is one of the biggest and most important aspects of health in North America and throughout the world. Lipid imbalance causes a myriad of health problems including, but not limited to cardiovascular disease, heart attacks, hardening of the arteries, strokes, and early death. most laboratories and clinics offer a "lipid panel" compromised of total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides. As it turns out, this is just a glimpse and a very rough analysis of lipid management. Dr. Alsager's analysis of lipids includes tests to look at lipoprotein particles. Lipoprotein particles are components of LDL. LDL stands for Low Density Lipoprotein particles. Note the word "particles" is in plural. LDL is comprised of multiple subcomponents, many of which provide more in-depth insight as to how to reduce the risk from cardiovascular disease from excessive LDL levels. In Dr. Alsager's practice, this is call the LPP (Lipoprotein Particels) test. This test provides more detailed scientific information which allows Dr. Alsager to help his patients manage lipids often using natural supplements and products before reaching for prescription medication such as "statin" drugs. In keeping with the osteopathic philosophy (drugs and surgery as the last resort - but sometimes necessary) Dr. Alsager reserves prescription drugs for severe cases of lipidemia where genetics is involved and the natural approaches are not effective enough. If you are concerned about your cardiovascular wellbeing, talk to Dr. Alsager about the unique LPP test to help manage your lipids without the risk of using unnecessary or harmful drugs."


Heavy Metal Testing

Feeling fatigued, energy levels down, poor memory? Dr. Alsager's unique blood test for heavy metal toxicity can lead you out of the gloom. If you think you may have had a toxic exposure that could be contributing to your feeling of illness, contact Dr. Alsager to rule this important exposure out. Tests may include levels of the following minerals: mercury, tin, copper, lead, molybdenum, and many others depending on the type of exposure.



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