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May 31, 2017

Attracted by the headline “Alicia Keys Shares Amnesty International Ambassador of Conscience Award with the inspirational movement of Indigenous Peoples fighting for their rights in Canada”, I was impressed enough to read on. Alicia Keys, recording artist and humanitarian, doesn’t know this but I have been one of her silent admirers for several years. Her story motivated me to learn more about Amnesty International. As I perused the website, I discovered my skin tingling with excitement and purpose. Although not exactly unfamiliar with the reputation of Amnesty International, I was surprised to realize how deeply I believed in their philosophy and goals. I, of all people, a farm boy from Saskatchewan, Canada, now the product of the finest training institutions in North America, a published author, a steely-eyed scientist trained to be objective, unaffected by rumor, hearsay, politics, or religion. I have been trained to be open-minded, compassionate towards all living forms, with a gift to teach. It was Alicia Keys who has inspired me today to press on and establish a teaching facility in Canada to train aboriginal young people my medical skills, and empower them to return to their native communities as leaders, wherever, to give back the compassion and medical skills I have been privileged to learn.

It is not going to be easy. It is not as simple as putting together bricks and mortar and putting a new name on another “institution”. In building this training facility and its curriculum, we must tear down the age-old barriers of traditional "peer-review", "accreditation" and other cultural obstacles that have been blockades to our own aboriginal youth for centuries in gaining equal footing in educational opportunities. “We can do this. I have the skills,” says Dr. Alsager, Interim Dean, Canadian International College of Osteopathic Medicine, and CEO, Country Doctor Clinics (

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