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December 10, 2014

Dale E. Alsager, D.O., a long time physician and medical educator in Maple Valley has been invited to participate on the faculty of the Age Management Medical Group (AMMG) an international medical group whose focus is teaching physicians the art of optimizing health and managing aging to optimize quality of life. Age Management Medicine is an emerging specialty which focuses on preventive care through the management of hormones, micro-nutrients, exercise and controlling cardio-vascular and joint inflammation.

Dr. Alsager’s participation and lecture entitled “Putting Science into Micronutrient Testing and Evaluation in a Primary Care Setting” was based on a study of 126 patients in the Maple Valley region for 8 years.

“It is true – multi-vitamins don’t work!” states Dr. Alsager. “They contain too little of what the body needs to be effective, and they contain a lot of stuff that the body may not need. The key is specific diagnostic testing using blood samples to determine the precise levels of each micronutrient in each patient prior to prescribing or recommending specific supplements. Each person’s micronutrient needs are different,” reports Dr. Alsager.

“Testing for, and treating, specific vitamin or mineral deficiencies showed a 60% improvement in general health reported by patients in the study. Specific deficiencies found were contributors to symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, low energy, and cognitive impairment. The most frequently found deficiency in Dr. Alsager’s study was in antioxidants – a group of chemical agents that are active in cell aging. These symptoms responded dramatically to specific supplementation in Dr. Alsager’s study group. Multi-vitamins use in the general population, in a related study, showed no affect at all in changing the general health outcomes, like heart disease or cancers,” reports Dr. Alsager.

The AMMG held this year in Las Vegas, Nov 6-10th, 2014, was attended by over 800 doctors and students from all over the world. The AMMG conference program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical education (ACCME) to provide continuing education for physicians. More information on Age Management Medicine, including Dr. Alsager’s lecture can be found at

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