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While Dr. Alsager’s sharp and well-honed palpatory skills provide a distinctive advantage over other medical doctors, “nothing is quite as good as seeing inside the body”, says Dr. Alsager. Since the beginning of the profession in 1892, osteopathic physicians have been at the forefront of medical technology. Shortly after the invention of the x-ray machine by Dr. Roentgen in 1898, the American School of Osteopathy in Kirksville, MO acquired the first x-ray machine west of the Mississippi River, and the second machine to be present in the United States.

Today, Dr. Alsager follows that philosophy and goes one step beyond. Dr. Alsager’s imaging center is unique and is his own design with patient comfort and convenience in mind. Dr. Alsager will design your required studies and will be there with you throughout your study to ensure your comfort and personally direct positioning, machine settings, and other aspects of image acquisition including a personal review of significant findings at the end of your study. It’s a one-stop process from initial examination to working diagnosis to pinpointing problems with the latest of technology in imaging services. No lengthy referrals to other hospitals, radiology clinics, and lengthy waits for study reports to be completed. At Dr. Alsager’s facility it can all occur within the hour.

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A spectacular image of your body is what you will see!

Dr. Alsager’s CT images are spectacular and outstanding and here’s why:

Dr. Alsager is very familiar with a wide range of imaging equipment and has chosen the PQ6000 CT scanner for his patients. The PQ6000 was manufactured by Picker (now called Phillips) in America for the purpose of acquiring high definition, detailed image of heart tissue in motion for delicate heart catheterizations and other delicate vascular procedures. It is not your average CT scanner. Capitalizing on the PQ6000’s ability to acquire very thin, high definition images quickly, Dr. Alsager went to work rewriting the machine’s vascular protocols to those for bone and joint specifically tailored for Dr. Alsager’s practice and interest in musculoskeletal medicine. As a result, Dr. Alsager’s CT images are vastly superior to other radiology center images. You can see these spectacular, unusual images in three-dimension with Dr. Alsager immediately following the study. No referrals to other locations! No waiting for follow up appointments! No waiting for films to be sent around the country. It all happens with a single visit to Dr. Alsager’s unique Maple Valley Imaging Center and Clinic. Professional radiology specialists in Cincinnati, OH are among the world’s top radiologists in a variety of specialties and support Dr. Alsager’s facility with a click of a button for overreads when specialized expertise is needed.

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State of the art MRI is also available for soft tissue, extremity and sports injuries for fast diagnosis and treatment at Dr. Alsager’s clinic.

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X-rays, of course, are often the standard first step diagnostically at Dr. Alsager’s Country Doctor Clinic, but when more detail is required, CT and/or MRI is indicated, and there is no delay in getting to the diagnosis of the underlying cause of musculoskeletal difficulties.

Osteoporosis is stopped in its tracks by Dr. Alsager with his late model DXA scan, setting the gold standard for early detection. This simple, painless procedure can save you from spinal and hip fractures that can put you on death’s doorstep. Dr. Alsager’s unique osteoporosis prevention and reversal program is unequalled, and it works.

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