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From the very young to the very old, Dr. Alsager does it all. Primary care, internal medicine, sports and work-related injuries are all within Dr. Alsager’s comfort zone due to his broad medical training and knowledge of anatomy.

Osteopathic family physicians like Dr. Alsager are DOs (Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine) who choose to specialize in family practice and osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT).

Osteopathic family physicians provide disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies for you and your family through all life stages, from infancy to end of life.

Osteopathic family physicians like Dr. Alsager, hold the following principles as central to their practice of medicine:

Because Dr. Alsager, as an osteopathic family physician, has an appreciation for the interrelationship between your body, mind and spirit, you can count on the most holistic and comprehensive medical care available.

Dr. Alsager’s appreciation of the relationship between structure and function, and the use of OMT enables him to diagnose and effectively treat conditions that often elude other non-osteopathic physicians and healthcare providers.

As your osteopathic family physician, Dr. Alsager treats YOU, the whole person, not just a disease, or its symptoms. Dr. Alsager is dedicated to searching for the underlying cause of your medical issues and is not satisfied simply treating symptoms

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