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Foot Pain

Q. If my foot pain is related to diabetes, gout, nerve, circulation problems, or other systemic problems, will orthotics help?

A. No. These are problems created by an underlying cause other than a structural abnormality. It is important that these systemic problems be diagnosed and treated separately in addition to consideration for orthotics. Orthotics may be helpful or necessary to control foot pain or related discomfort after systemic problems are solved and attention can be turned to the skeletal imbalances and misalignments. Generally speaking, if you are a healthy person, your foot problems are probably mechanical and orthotics will help you. orthotics can also be diagnostic. If you get partial relief, this indicates you may have both foot imbalance and a systemic disorder. These conditions will generally respond to a combination of appropriate systemic treatment as well as orthotic treatment.

Q. What causes foot problems?

A. The primary cause of foot problems and related conditions is skeletal imbalance and/or lower extremity misalignment. Most people have some degree of hyper-pronation (flat feet) or hyper-supination (high arches). These structural imperfections cause a certain amount of instability during foot function, subjecting the foot to excessive stress and strain that can eventually cause pain and deformities. The greater the imbalance, the earlier these symptoms will become evident and the greater their intensity. Orthotics compensate (or the inherent imbalances in the foot, improving function and relieving or preventing the appearance of such symptoms.


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