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Dr. Dale Alsager Patient References

"I have been treated by my husband, who is a D.O., for years. As a member of the faculty at KCOM, I have seen many medical students pass through. When it comes to osteopathic diagnosis and treatment, without question, Dale Alsager is the best I’ve ever seen.”

- Dr. Toni Smith, Head of Department of Anesthesiology, KCOM

“Certainly, you have a God-given gift as a doctor. Thank you very much for so patiently treating me.”

“I have been suffering from multiple sclerosis and chronic neck pain for several years. Dr. Alsager look a lot of time to find out my problem, and his treatments made a marked improvement in my condition. I am convinced his manipulation technique is superior.”

- Laura Nevins, Kirksville, Missouri

“I would have probably been cured if had found you sooner. I needed a lot of adjustment, but other doctors were too rough and I didn’t seem to get better with that. You have a great gift.”

- Barbara Parrish, Kirksville, Missouri

“During my second pregnancy, I began to experience lower back pain. I wore a support, but this did not seem to alleviate the problem. After the birth of my child, the pain continued, as well as spread to my upper back and neck after seeing Dale and receiving only one treatment, my problems were gone and to my surprise and much relief have not returned. Thank You, Dr. Dale.”

- Tammy Hoffman, Secretary, Cape Girardeau County Area Medical Society Inc., Cape Girardeau, Missouri

“I have suffered monthly for years from severe PMS. I am delighted to find myself completely symptom-free, following a single osteopathic treatment by Dr. Alsager at the ER at Bi-County Hospital at Warren Michigan. I highly recommend his drugless, effective treatment to anyone with this annoying problem.”

- Belinda Griffin, Pontiac, Michigan

“Dr. Dale Alsager has been treating my fibromyalgia since August 1995 and has given me the most effective care that I have received since I was first diagnosed 6 years ago. Although his knowledge of fibromyalgia is extensive, he continues to research and to learn the latest information and techniques. He has treated me with osteopathic manipulation and a combination of medicines that have reduced the pain level from severe to manageable. He has given me hope.”

- Karen Coon, Bellevue, Washington

“Following a car accident, I suffered from severe intestinal problems. Gastrointestinal specialists diagnosed atonic (dead) bowel, and recommended that the immobile section be removed surgically and a colostomy be installed. Dr. Alsager treated me with osteopathic manipulation and, to my amazement, my intestines began functioning and have remained normal ever since. Dr. Alsager's treatments have spared me from considerable suffering, surgical intervention and hospitalization.”

- S.V., Bellevue, Washington

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