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More Dr. Dale Alsager Patient References

I have referred so many to you as I think you are the best Osteopathic Physician I have ever been treated by. Thank you for your excellent care of me and my wife!

– Bill Bartlett, D.O., Ophthalmologist, Kirkland, WA

I started seeing Dr. Alsager around March 2010. Multiple conditions such as spine, neck, back, hips, shoulder, thoracic, knees, feet, hand, liver, hepatitis C, carpal tunnel, sleep disorder, depression, etc. He is the only doctor who has helped me! His caring and positive methods are excellent, I love the way he does the whole body treatment plan actually treating the problem. He has even followed up with phone calls to me at home. This is why he is my family physician.

– Scott Andrus, Maple Valley, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager’s since I was 16 years old, receiving regular osteopathic adjustments. That is almost 14 years of treatment. Back and neck misalignment, short leg, sore neck from riding accidents, family practice. Food allergy testing, pain control through exercise, stretching, and anti-inflammatories. He is a wonderful doctor and very caring. When I am sick or really sore he always squeezes me in. I couldn’t ask for better treatment from a wonderful physician. He can treat a wide variety of symptoms. I’d refer him to anyone. It would be impossible to find such an attentive doctor. He is a wonderful physician who is very knowledgeable. I always feel better after seeing him. He is A++.

– Kate Hebert, Issaquah, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager’s since 9/11/2001. Dr. Alsager has worked with me to treat and diagnose my conditions such as Crohn’s, Pneumonia, Osteoporosis, and with my walking difficulties. Dr. Alsager and I worked together in arriving at the desired means of treatment for me. Medications are the only thing we have found to help me. I would, and have, recommended other family and friends to see Dr. Alsager for their medical care and treatment. Dr. Alsager is the best doctor I have had in 20 years.

– Diane Holman, Covington, WA

In April of 2013, I sent my resume to Country Doctor Clinic. Dr. Alsager offered me a position as an electronic medical scribe trainee. After being accepted for this internship I moved to Washington from Massachusetts. During these months I was also educated in the use of Dr. Alsager’s HealthFusion EMR, A comprehensive system which meets all federal government meaningful use and PQRS requirements. I now enter each patient into our advanced EMR system. I am the eyes and ears, the fly on the wall; so that when the doctor is examining the patient I am recording the details of the findings and treatment plan, as they are dictated by Dr. Alsager in real-time. I have spent many hours on the computer, but never before has it been a passion for me. After seeing the process Dr. Alsager goes through to diagnose and treat a patient, I realize it is the reason that most of our patients continue to return to this clinic. I have not once seen a patient unhappy with the treatment plan or the results. Dr. Alsager’s brain is gifted in a way to understand the whole person- mind, body, and spirit. I believe that his true gift is diagnosing illness, disease, and somatic dysfunction. He has built his practice to coincide with his gifts, which includes a state of the art diagnostic center at his clinic. I have seen many patients come in that feel hopeless; they feel as though nobody has been able to help them before and that maybe there is nothing they can do about their medical issues. Dr. Alsager’s brain never seems to stop thinking about how to help that patient. He is able to sift through the attributes of the chief complaint to find the underlying causes. He encourages patients to take a lead role in their health and he is the number one confidant and supporter for each and every patient. I have seen dramatic differences in the lives of our patients once they have gotten diagnostic blood work done. Dr. Alsager creates a treatment plan for each patient depending on their needs. Some may need a new diet after food allergy testing; I witness this frequently and see dramatic results in the lives of many patients. Sometimes it’s a complex pain management plan, emphasizing a long list of non-opioid techniques for a fibromyalgia patient, which may include water therapy and a new desk at work. When I am in the office there is nothing but honesty and trust. The thousands of hours that he has spent researching and training is the first thing you notice after the soul and passion he seems to have so naturally for diagnosing and treating patients. Being a rural doctor means being a huge part of the community. Many of our patients travel from cities to visit our country clinic. It is simply because he is the best in his field of expertise. Five months ago I would have never imagined I would be applying for a medical school, and yet I find myself with applications in my hand. I see now that the only way for me to provide the best medical treatment to the community is to follow in the footsteps of Dr. Alsager by enrolling in a D.O. school with him as my mentor. He is quite possibly the best teacher I could have asked for. His vast life experience and expertise expands far beyond clinical medicine and always benefits his staff and patients.

– Amanda Hawley, Granville, MA

Dr. Alsager has been my doctor for more than 10 years. During that time he has helped me with a number of ailments from sinus infections to concern over an enlarged prostate. He has always been incredibly communicative and done a great job of discussing treatment options in a way I could understand allowing me to make informed decisions regarding my treatment. At no time have I ever felt in danger or at risk but instead have been comforted by his knowledgeable and caring manner and have recommended him to friends and family on many occasions.

– Jeff Crabtree, Auburn, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager for four years. Dr. Alsager has treated me for a lower back sciatica pain and numbness issue. Also for Hypertension. He corrected my sciatic problem and my hypertension. He was very systematic and concerned about getting to what was causing the problems, rather than other doctors I’ve gone to that simply masked them. He takes the time to talk to you and try to diagnose the whole patient. Other doctors were unable to correct my conditions after years of treatment and masking the problems. I have recommended my friends to Dr. Alsager. I depend on him and trust him.

– Robert Franssen, Bothell, WA

Dr. Alsager is the most knowledgeable physician that I have been to. He treats the whole body, not just putting a patch on problems. His treatments took the pain out of my left foot, hands, hips, and legs. By x-ray and scans he found out that my hips were tilted forward, my lower spine was curved, and my upper neck had inflammation. My right sinus was blocked. He knew the right medications that I needed to correct the problem. He helped me to know what foods I should eat to help deal with my allergies. I can’t believe how he could have found out so much about my physical problems that had been bothering me for so many years, when I had been getting so much medical care from a variety of other professionals. He has helped me tremendously and I don’t have to be on any pain medications and many people today do. I have never felt in danger or at risk of physical or emotional harm by his treatments. He cares about patients and it shows in everything he does. I would recommend other persons, family, friends, and members of the public to see Dr. Alsager for their medical care. At my 45th High School Reunion I sent a card informing old classmates that Dr. Alsager was the best Physician I had found. I wish he were the Medical Director of the clinic that I work for. Patients would be a lot healthier. Dr. Alsager is a good diagnostician. He helps patients to know how to take better care of themselves. I travel all the way from Vancouver, WA to see Dr. Alsager because he has the knowledge and ability to take care of my health needs. He has devoted much time and energy to help myself and family in our health care needs. My case was a complicated one. Many doctors can’t take care of so many issues, but he has.

– Linda DePalma, R.H.I.T., Vancouver, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager since 2011. I suffer from a genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which causes widespread tissue fragility resulting in chronic widespread musculoskeletal injury and dysfunction. Dr. Alsager has spent a great deal of time interacting with me and helping me to manage my condition as effectively as possible. He has been more available to answer any questions and help me understand my treatment than nearly any other physician that I have encountered. As well as provide me with a thorough understanding of my treatment. I would without question recommend Dr. Alsager as an exceptional resource, both as a primary care physician as well as a specialist in osteopathic techniques. Throughout the course of my life suffering with an incurable genetic illness I have been treated by at least 15 different physicians. Dr. Alsager has been one of the only doctors that have been able to actually provide me with care that has improved my quality of life. I easily attribute this not only to exceptional grasp of medical knowledge, but also his willingness to spend time getting to know a patient and working with them to find solutions regardless of how challenging the case may be. His multi-faceted approach to my treatment provided me with actual tools to improve my health, not just some form of “band-aid” treatment or yet another pill. I must state that I have the utmost faith in Dr. Alsager as a physician.

– Nathan E. Lohr, Seattle, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager since 2011. I was involved in several automobile accidents, which resulted in neck and back pain. Dr. Alsager was able to provide relief through osteopathic manipulations so I’m no longer in pain. I also utilized Dr. Alsager’s services for other health challenges such as a long standing inner ear infection and sinus drainage. Dr. Alsager through discussions, medical exams, Cat Scans, and blood tests was able to determine I had an inner ear infection and food allergies. Through the prudent use of antibiotics and diet restrictions, my sinus and inner ear infections have finally come under control. Over the decades of receiving medical treatment by a number of various medical doctor’s, I have never met a doctor that is so transparent and open with a patient as to possible medical tests, available treatments, and possible outcomes. I have the utmost confidence in obtaining medical treatment from Dr. Alsager. I have recommended him to others that have long standing medical challenges.

– Paul A. DePalma, Vancouver, WA

My name is Jenniffer Sample and I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager’s for over 20 years. I have trusted him implicitly with not only my healthcare but that of my family and have referred many a friend. My mother specifically calls him the best diagnostician she has ever known in all of her 70+ years of doctors. And that speaks volumes to me as well. One of the major reasons that I liked him early on was his ethic of a more natural drug free approach to my conditions. I know that his treatments have saved me from a life of constant pain. Specifically his innovative short leg study applies to me. If it weren’t for this study and the relief he has given me through manipulations and orthotics I know that I would be like so many others addicted to pain meds because that is all the other doctors answer to chronic pain. NOT Dr. Alsager’s. Due to the amazing results and the doctor patient relationship we formed I trust him with ALL of my medical needs. I also have no reservations in saying that his work with my sister has literally transformed her life for the better. Simple blood tests that NO other doctor had thought to administer to her in her 50+ years have been her saving grace. I cannot say enough about this amazingly gifted physician. I may even dare say that if he could no longer practice here in the US I would encourage him to move back to Canada and I would make trips there too just to remain in his care if that is legal.

– Jenniffer Sample, Lake Tapps, WA

I started seeing Dr. Alsager in August 2013. I was in a motor vehicle accident and went to Dr. Alsager for head/neck pain, right shoulder, and mid/low back pain, right finger pain, and right leg/ankle pain. Dr. Alsager has been professional, caring, and effective in treatment. I have never felt threatened or in harm’s way at all. I have recommended both family and friends. Dr. Alsager has helped me to begin healing from my traumatic experience. His caring and positive methods are excellent, I love the way he does the whole body treatment plan actually treating the root problems.

– Myrna Frasier Andrus, Maple Valley, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager’s for over 10 years and have benefitted greatly from his services. I consider him to be a highly skilled D.O. and am grateful to have him available to treat me primarily for degenerative disk disease and low back pain. Osteopathic manipulation, as practiced by Dr. Alsager, has been a blessing for me. In the past I have consulted with other spine experts and tried various recommendations searching for a solution for my back problems—including injections, physical therapy and drugs (ER recommended). There have been times when I came to Dr. Alsager’s office bent over, unable to stand up straight and in pain, but after manipulation, I walked out of the office standing erect. Other useful services Dr. Alsager has provided over the years include: an X-Ray diagnosis indication one leg is shorter that the other and writing a prescription for foot inserts for flat feet and a small shoe lift, a basic food panel allergy test that indicated food allergens in my diet, counseling regarding my osteoporosis, back/body exercises and when sitting, using small folded towels in the curve of the back, recommending the use of a support belt when walking. At no time have I ever felt I was in danger or at risk of physical or emotional harm by any treatments performed by Dr. Alsager. He has also been cautious regarding the use of pharmaceutical prescriptions for me because he is aware of my lengthy list of medications to which I am allergic and of possible interactions with the ones I currently take. Based on my experiences with Dr. Alsager, I would not hesitate to recommend him to others. He is a capable and conscientious physician, and I trust him with health issues. Unlike some physicians today who seem to be rushing through a 15 minute appointment with patients, my experience has been that Dr. Alsager allows sufficient time to explain procedures, goes over tests, MRI’s, X-Rays, etc.

– Barbara Cogburn, Maple Valley, WA

I have been seeing Dr. Alsager for approximately 10 years for disc problems in back and neck, in addition to routine blood work and primary care. I would recommend him to others without hesitation.

– Steve desGarennes, Maple Valley, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Dale E. Alsager for approximately 16-17 years of his practice. Dr. Alsager has treated me for fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, sugar diabetes, manipulation, lipid profile, and all other conditions I might have had. We always arrived at the desired means of treatment. I do not know what condition my health would be in today (at age 74) without his exceptional care. I would be in extreme pain without his manipulation treatments. Dr. Alsager only provided medication that was needed. He assisted me with preventive treatment and vitamin control. He never prescribed medication without checking my blood work and always explained my lab reports to me in detail. He never made a diagnosis without X-rays, MRI, or CT scans. I would definitely recommend other family members and friends to seek Dr. Alsager’s medical care and treatment. My daughter was very excited about Dr. Alsager’s treatment, and she also speaks highly of Dr. Alsager. I know no other doctor will ever compare to Dr. Alsager’s treatment that I have had for all these years. Dr. Alsager is capable of treating my medical conditions without having to see several other specialists/doctors. It will be hard for me at my age to drive to too many destinations to seek medical care. Also, my financial situation is quite limited. I appreciate Dr. Alsager for practicing preventive treatment, which keeps my medication affordable. I made the decision to seek Dr. Alsager’s treatment because of his background. One of his patients had a young son who had a broken arm and the hospital did not find it, but Dr. Alsager found it and treated the young man’s arm. On another occasion, my blood pressure had gone up very high and I called Dr. Alsager and he told me to have someone drive me to his office ASAP and sat me down for 4 hours and was able to treat me and get my blood pressure under control. I know I will never find another doctor as caring and concerned about my health as Dr. Alsager has been.

– Marjorie A. Junell, Burien, WA

I have been treated by Dr. Alsager for Fibromyalgia for 18 years and I have never had any doubts or concerns about my treatment, nor have I had any doubts about his professionalism. I have recommended him to my husband, my children, and several of my friends and I know for a fact that he has helped them in his professional capacity as well.

– Karen R. Coon, Puyallup, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager for more than 10 years, primarily for lower back and short leg problems. In that time, he has been very professional and effective in treating me. I am looking forward to many more years of being his patient.

– Robert M. Coon, Puyallup, WA

Dr. Alsager has been my doctor for many years now. My daughter had been going to him and wanted me to go to him as well. I not only went to him but have the rest of my family and friends going as well. I believe he is the best diagnostician I have ever had for a doctor. I am a 75 year old woman and as you might realize, I have had a lot of problems over the years, some ongoing, and some not. He has always been very proficient in every way. I have come to trust and rely on his decisions when it comes to his treatments for me.

– Edna Ann Gorton, Lake Tapps, WA

I was a patient of Dr. Alsager’s for nearly 4 years. I was treated for spine and hip issues. Together we arrived at treatment that afforded quite a bit of relief over the period. I have recommended others, friends, and people I’ve met to seek treatment from Dr. Alsager.

– Charles M. Adams, Renton, WA

I have been a patient since 1998. He has treated me for muscle and joint pain and pain in my lower back and legs. Together we have been able to successfully manage my pain. I have always felt completely comfortable with his treatment and he has always been careful, gentle, and compassionate during manipulation and adjustments. He is aware of past surgery to my shoulder and is always mindful and careful when treating me. I would and have recommended family and friends to visit Dr. Alsager for their pain as well because I know he will treat them professionally and gently as he has done with me. I have had various pain issues for many years and have been to several doctors and pain clinics. No one has been able to help me as Dr. Alsager has. No one has been as patient and understanding, nor do most doctors take the time to listen to their patients as he does. Dr. Alsager believes in treating his patients as individuals and it never feels like he is rushing or cutting corners. I have always known his patients come first and that he will always give me the best treatment that is available in a professional and timely manner.

– Geraldine Guardipee, Kent, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager’s for 2-3 years. I have arthritis in my right knee and low back. He has helped my condition greatly. He recommended orthotics for my feet and that has helped my knee and back pain significantly. He also has given me great adjustment on my spine. The care I have received from Dr. Alsager has always been very professional and helpful.

– Steven K. Schwilke, Renton, WA

Our family has been patients of Dr. Alsager for 2-3 years now. I began making appointments for our son who was 8 at the time. I began seeing Dr. Alsager. Our son is diagnosed with high functioning autism and very tall for his age. Dr. Alsager has been very instrumental in helping to alleviate the normal growing pains and discomforts of any child as well as providing relief from the common cold, ear and sinusitis thru adjustments. Dr. Alsager took X-Rays and did the casting for orthotics which have reduced our sons back pain and helped him to run and walk for longer periods of time without complaint that his legs hurt. He is very relaxed while in Dr. Alsager’s office or on his table. His gentle treatments are so beneficial to our son. Also I cannot stress enough the trust that has been built. Our son looks forward to seeing Dr. Alsager – He knows Dr. Alsager makes the pain go away.

– Alicia Schwilke, Renton, WA

My husband recommended Dr. Alsager and I became a patient of his shortly after. Dr. Alsager has significantly reduced my ongoing neck and back pain and tightness through adjustments. Because of his treatment methods I am on a once a month maintenance plan, which coupled with massage has alleviated my headaches, pain, and discomfort. I also receive a B shot on a regular basis. I would and have recommended Dr. Alsager to others suffering from pain. I have received Chiropractic care all of my life. Dr. Alsager’s treatment has made an extraordinary difference in my life. My body is inline and I require fewer adjustments each time I see him.

– Alicia Schwilke, Renton, WA

Our family has been patients of Dr. Dale Alsager for about 10 years. We have used him for back, neck, and foot issues. He has always been very helpful and responsible with our treatment plans. He has always used any method besides medication to remedy our problems. We have referred people to Dr. Dale because of the great care and results we have gotten with his treatment plans.

– Dwayne and Linda McGraw, Vancouver, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Dale Alsager for the last 5 years. Dr. Alsager has not only helped me diagnose some serious postural issues but has also worked with me throughout the years to treat my conditions and regain my well-being. He also regularly treated my children and was able to help my son overcome his short leg syndrome. Dr. Alsager has always treated me with respect and helped me overcome pain and issues. I trust Dr. Alsager’s medical opinion, a trust that he gained throughout the years thanks to his professionalism, competence and genuine care for my well being. I have often recommended Dr. Alsager to friends and all our family gets osteopathic treatment through him.

– Cristina Nardini, Bellevue, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Dale Alsager for the last five years. During this time, he has also seen my family, including my wife and my two young children. Dr. Alsager has treated me for a number of conditions, including left short leg, an acute case of costo-condritis caused by a severe fall, a number of neuromas in my toes, and several rotation problems in my right shoulder. Dr. Alsager has always been very respectful to me and has always discussed with me the different treatment options available. He has always been so thorough and careful in explaining every step of the treatment and I have never felt in danger. I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues to Dr. Alsager and in all cases; they told me that they were very happy with him and his effectiveness.

– Agustin Da Fieno Delucchi, Bellevue, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Dale Alsager for about fifteen years. He diagnosed my congestive heart condition during one of my visits for a back injury caused by an automobile accident, and he set up an appointment that day with a top cardiologist. He has treated me for five rear-end accidents that messed up my back. I felt very comfortable in his care.

– Leila Castonguay, Covington, WA

3+ years. Pinched spinal nerve, fractured femur. Yes I would recommend others. I have trust and confidence in Dr. Alsager and his medical care.

– Jerry N. Lee, Roslyn, WA

I have been in Dr. Alsager’s care for about a year and a half. He has helped me with my thyroid, my vitamin B levels and my manipulations for my lower back, ribs and neck. He would not prescribe or treat without tests of blood and urine and an MRI or CAT scan; I can’t remember which one at this time. Once the test results came in, we went over ways to correct the issues. If there was more than one way for it to be corrected, it would be up to me which way we would proceed. In Dr. Alsager’s care, I felt very comfortable. He was very thorough and I appreciated that he wanted the results prior to diagnosing the problems. He was very professional and I would and had recommended family and friends to him, and would still to this day. It takes me a while to find one that I like and trust. Dr. Alsager was that physician. I drove 22.9 miles for my doctor visits once a week at first and sometimes twice a week, that’s how helpful Dr. Alsager is. He helped me out when I thought no one else could. I truly appreciated everything that he has done for me.

– Nicole Jameson, Kent, WA

I have been a patient of Dr. Alsager’s for some time now. I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors and osteopaths in my lifetime and he is the best that I have seen thus far. He took his time with me as a patient, got to know me as I got to know him. The thing I appreciate about him the most is that he explains to me why I was in pain and how he was going to adjust me in order to help me feel better, which it did help me to feel better. He’s not the kind of doctor that makes you schedule appointments just to come back over and over again, I only saw him when I needed to. His care has always been professional and I have always recommended him to others because I feel that strongly about his great care as a doctor. He has always only looked out for the best care he could provide for me and my family and that goes a long way with me. He’s the only doctor that has actually diagnosed my son with food allergy induced asthma, whereas other pulmonologist experts for children couldn’t figure out, they said he would be on inhalers/medications the rest of his life, but he’s not due to Dr. Alsager’s great care. He’s the only doctor that figured out my wife had a bulging disc in her neck, whereas other doctors just gave her cortisone shots in her neck and pain medicine, but that diagnosis wasn’t good enough for Dr. Alsager, he took extra time and care to figure out what was really happening and helped to get it resolved so my wife is no longer on pain medication and has a better quality of life.

– Michael Wingate, Renton, WA

Dr. Dale Alsager has been my doctor for approximately 5 years. In that time, I have been able to get over my dislike to going to doctors and trust doctors again. Dr. Alsager’s thorough diagnostic procedures have cured me when others haven’t. If I would have found Dr. “A” earlier it would have saved me from a very serious and hard operation and years of misery. I recommend Dr. Alsager to all my friends and my family already goes to him.

– Teresa Streeter, Bonney Lake, WA

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