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Osteopathic medical clinics like many in history specialize in rural primary care in underserved communities. Country Doctor Clinics are "community-based" health care facilities, as opposed to the “hospital-based” care offered by hospital-owned clinics serving larger urban communities. Country Doctor Clinics are physician owned and operated, and focus on preventive health and ambulatory procedures deemed safe for an ambulatory setting. Country Doctor Clinics have demonstrated their value in drastically reducing time-consuming referrals to larger centers and specialists. They significantly reduce hospitalizations, thereby reducing overall costs of health care delivery substantially. Country Doctor Clinics utilize the latest digital technology in procedures and imaging. Most of our sites have x-ray, CT, DXA scan, and MRI facilities on site allowing a prompt diagnosis of the underlying cause of pathology. Country Doctor Clinics are currently expanding to new rural sites. Check to see if a Country Doctor Clinic is planned in a community near you.

We specialize in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and problems, general practice issues in rural locations, including treatments using full range of medical modalities, including osteopathic manipulation.

Our offices are relocating and expanding to new locations.
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